Brooke Jacob and Becky Whittemore play reality show babysitters on the internet, and when they created the show, they worked as babysitters in reality. 

Brooke Jacob is the mom of 2 adorable little boys. She is currently looking for babysitters who will not use their experience to write about her. Brooke is a NYC based actress and writer, who performs in theatre around the country. She is currently living in London with her family. You can learn more at


Becky Whittemore is a comedy writer and performer based in Astoria, Queens. She has studied improv and sketch at The Upright Citizens Brigade Theater and is active in the New York City indie comedy scene. When she's not acting funny, she sometimes gets tattooed on reality shows (okay, that happened one time).

Tim Young Tim Young has directed every single episode of Sitting on Babies and also acted as a producer for Seasons 2 and 3. Tim has directed several comedy projects for the internet, including Broad City, and has had his work featured by the Huffington Post, Gawker, and The Wall Street Journal. Watch his stuff at